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Georgia’s greatest king was a woman

My mother, bless her heart, is a hopeless romantic. When I say I grew up surrounded by books, they were, to be honest, shelves upon shelves of Silhouette Romance and Mills & Boon novels. So it was no surprise when Mom visited me in Tbilisi that, of all the books she could buy about the history of Georgia, she snapped up Meg Clothier’s "The Girl King" about Georgia’s formidable 12th Century queen...

Khevsur warriors in their traditional armour

The Khevsureti Crusaders: It’s a myth, people!

Ok. Let’s be clear. The myth about the Khevsurs being a lost tribe of Crusaders is utter rubbish. And, frankly, the Khevsurs don’t need it. High up in the Caucasus, bordering Russia’s Chechnyan region and cut off by snow half the year, the Khevsureti area has enough real history and lore to gobsmack any visitor.