Toyota Hilux 4×4 Expedition Camper

Toyota Hilux 4×4 Expedition Camper

If you’re looking for the ultimate camping vehicle that can go almost anywhere then look no further. Our Toyota Hilux 4×4 Expedition Camper changes the game completely when it comes to the camping experience. Not only does it have pretty much everything you could ever need when heading into the great outdoors, it can also comfortably fit the whole family! Our Expedition camper isn’t just great for families, it’s also the perfect size for groups of friends looking to have the adventure of a lifetime.

So what exactly makes it an Expedition Camper? What’s that incredible looking camper unit on the back of the car? That, dear campers is the Crawler camping unit. The Crawler is designed to be one of the most compact yet versatile feature-filled camping units available on the global market. What better fit for a Toyota Hilux?

While the Crawler appears relatively small, snugly fitting on the back of the Hilux, don’t let that fool you. Both the roof and one side of the unit fold out, expanding the space of the camper outwards and upwards, simultaneously providing more headroom and a comfortable interior sleeping space for two adults and a child. During the day this space can be converted into a comfortable lounge where you can relax, read a book, or get some work done on your laptop (which can be charged from power outlets located inside the cabin). The Crawler opens to expose a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, with an extraordinarily spacious fridge, a dual burner gas stove, and a tap with running water (attached to a 110L water tank). It seriously has everything you need, even two kitchen sinks! 

To ensure your trip is still enjoyable in any weather (and to make all other campers very, very jealous) our Expedition Camper is equipped with a 270 degree awning which provides shelter from both the sun and rain. The cabin of the camper can also be heated thanks to an incredibly efficient diesel heater. Longer trips are no longer a smelly experience, either, as the Crawler is equipped with a shower and a shower tent!
If you’re looking to bring along extra people, don’t fret – with the rooftop tent you can sleep another two adults! 

Fun Fact: The Toyota Hilux’s name is a combination of “high” and “luxury”, which couldn’t be more accurate!

Features and specs

Seats: 54G WiFi hotspot
Sleeps: up to 4 adults and 1 child
Internal bed 1: 190x160/195 (2 adults)
Internal bed 2: 170x60 (child)
Rooftop tent: 140x220
Radio, CD-player, Bluetooth Audio
Dual battery systemFull kitchen:
65L compressor fridge,
double burner stove,
110L freshwater tank,
washing up tubs
4x4 capability
Low-gear, rear differential lock
Cookware: pots & pans, bowls, plates, cutlery and utensils
2.5L diesel engine
Fuel usage: ~7-11L/100km
Manual 6-gearbox
Bedding: sheets, blankets and pillows
Standalone heating system
Folding table and camp chairs
Power steering
LED lighting, USB and 230V outlets
Outside shower (cold), shower tent270 degrees awning
All-risk insurance


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