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General Questions

We try to keep all the latest information regarding border regulations and COVID-measures on the following page: https://overlando.com/covid-19-updates/

Short answer: a passport would be nice, clothes would be even nicer. Other than that, whatever you feel like!

Longer answer: we provide the car, camping equipment, cooking equipment, bed sheets, pillows, and more. Please refer to our vehicles page for more details. The rest is up to you, but we’ll send you a handy packing list after booking as well.

We highly recommend putting your luggage in soft bags (eg. duffel bags, backpacks) and not in suitcases, as they are much more flexible and space-efficient.

Yes, full all-risk casco car insurance is included with all rentals for free: we do not charge anything extra for it.
The deductible of the insurance is is €200, this is what you’ll need to pay maximum in case of a covered accident.

The insurance covers the following events, in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey:

  • Traffic accidents caused by you or a third party
  • Robbery, burglary, theft
  • Fire, explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Fallen objects
  • Natural disasters
  • Separate damage or theft of a windscreen and other glass parts, mirrors, separate parts and accessories
  • Damage to Third Parties – up to $50.000*
  • Personal Injury – up to $50.000

What is not insured?

  • Tyre damage
  • Failure to report the accident to the police immediately
  • Off-road driving (going off main paths and tracks)
  • The driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Participation in any kind of race, test drive, off-road
  • Damage is caused by ionized radiation or radioactive contamination
  • War (declared or undeclared); intervention or military action; Strikes, Riots, and Civil Commotion; a terrorist act or an attempted terrorist act;
  • Do not move the vehicle after an incident, this will void the insurance. The vehicle should only be moved after an incident at the request of the insurer or the police.

Our insurance policy allows everyone that is between 21 and 70 years old, in the possession of a driving license for more than 2 years to rent a car and drive it.

We allow extra drivers that meet this requirement at no additional cost.

Note: the info on this page is a summary, the most important details of the insurance policy are mentioned here, but the original terms and conditions of the insurance policy prevails. The policy can be requested at any time by the renter. 

* Does this amount feel low to you? It is a very high amount for Georgian standards, and the maximum coverage offered by Georgian insurance companies.

Our insurance policy allows everyone that is between 21 and 70 years old, in the possession of a driving license for more than 2 years to rent a car and drive it.

We allow extra drivers that meet this requirement at no additional cost.

Aside from wild camping, there is a small number of paid campsites across Georgia and Armenia.
If you’re itching for a shower, or just want a break from the great outdoors, you’ll find guest houses and small cosy hotels with the most lovely hospitable hosts dotted around everywhere.

You do not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) if your driving licence is written in the Latin alphabet.
Otherwise, then yes, you will need an IDP.

Note: an IDP is not a replacement for your regular driving license. You will also need to bring your driving license along with the IDP.

At this point in time we are based in Tbilisi, Georgia, and as such our support networks also are.

Taking our cars into Armenia and Azerbaijan is possible. The insurance is valid in those countries. Some paperwork needs to be arranged, for which a fee of €60 per border crossing is charged. At the border you might have to pay a small additional fee for road-tax (around €10)

Please note that you probably need an eVisa for Azerbaijan.

If you wish to travel to other countries in one of our vehicles, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to facilitate your request!

We do pickups from 10AM in the morning on the start date. Dropping of the vehicle should be no later than 4PM on the last day of booking.

Usually we are quite flexible and we can make other arrangement upon request. Be sure to reach out to us in time.

Our prices are stated in Euros however we also accept payments in USD and GEL.
We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro)
  • Bank transfers to our bank account
  • iDeal, SOFORT, Bancontact, Alipay, Apple Pay

You can pay the deposit via one of the online payment methods. At pickup of the car you can pay the remaining sum via Credit Card / Maestro terminal in GEL, or online in EUR.

You can find our current Rental Agreement, containing all our Terms and Conditions for car rentals on this page.

Our Privacy Policy is published here.

We love animals, and we know you do too! So yes, you may bring your pet along with some conditions. If your pet is under 30KG, then we’d love to have it on board. Please note that there is a pet charge of €50 to cover the costs of deep cleaning the vehicle afterwards, and you will also be held financially responsible for all damages caused by your pet. We hope this won’t happen, but as we’re sure you understand, we do have to cover ourselves and our vans. Please select the pet addon when you make your booking.

To secure your booking we charge an initial payment of 30% of the total cost. This will be charged after your booking has been confirmed from our side.

At this point in time, there is no legislation restricting wild camping. As long as you are respectful, choose your spot well, use common sense and leave an area the way you found it, you’ll find plenty of incredible places to set up camp.
The best thing about wild camping is finding your own spot in the wild, but if you need some help, we’ll be happy to provide you with some advice on where to go, and how to pick a great spot.

About the cars

Our Buhanka & Toyota Hilux campervans are equipped with a second battery which charges off the alternator as you drive. This means that you can enjoy the luxuries of a cold beer, milk in your coffee and even charge your electronics while out in the wilderness for up to 72hrs (depending on usage). Thanks to the solar panels you can even stay longer than that. Once you get back on the road, the battery will be charging and usable again.
We have fitted USB charging points and a 230V charging point for camera batteries, laptops, etc.

Our Lada Nivas are equipped with a 12V plug, with a dual USB charging port attached for charging simple devices such as phones, tablets, or anything which you have a 12V charging adaptor for. It is recommended to only charge your devices while driving due to the risk of running the battery flat.

Our UAZ Buhanka campers are equipped with the following free of charge:

  • Kitchen kit: double burner alcohol stove, 30L compressor fridge, cookware, bowls, plates, cups, cutlery and utensils
  • Camping kit: folding camp table & chairs, fresh water jug
  • Entertainment and electronics: 4G WiFi hotspot device, JBL portable bluetooth speaker and a number of 230V power points and USB charging points across the vehicle.
  • Solar panel
  • Bedding: bed sheets, blankets, pillows
  • Awning on the rear side

Our Lada Niva 4×4 cars are equipped with the following free of charge:

  • Kitchen kit: double burner gas stove, cookware, bowls, plates, cups, cutlery and utensils
  • Camping kit: folding camp table & chairs, fresh water jug
  • Entertainment and electronics: 4G WiFi hotspot device, JBL portable bluetooth speaker, USB charging point
  • Bedding: bed sheets, blankets, pillows

Our Toyota Hilux campers are equipped with the following free of charge:

  • Kitchen kit: double burner gas stove, 65L compressor fridge, cookware, bowls, plates, cups, cutlery and utensils
  • Camping kit: folding camp table & chairs, 110L fresh water tank, outside shower (cold), shower tent
  • Entertainment and electronics: 4G WiFi hotspot device, JBL portable bluetooth speaker and a number of 230V power points and USB charging points across the vehicle
  • Solar panel
  • Bedding: bed sheets, blankets, pillows
  • 270 degrees awning

This depends on a number of factors such as your driving style and the terrain you are crossing.

The Buhanka campervan averages 10-15L per 100km and has a total fuel capacity of 77L.
The Lada Niva averages 10L per 100km, and has a fuel capacity of 42L.
The Toyota Hilux averages 9-10L per 100km, and has a fuel capacity of 80L.

Petrol prices vary of course, but they average around €0,60-0,90 per liter.

Yes. Unlike other operators, all our vehicles are Left Hand Drive.

No, we offer unlimited kilometres for all rentals.

Our vehicles have roof racks or a lot of internal space where you can safely put your equipment. If you’d like to bring your bike along, you can rent our bike carriers for a small extra fee. Please make sure you select this option during the booking process.


Citizens of the EU and USA can visit Armenia for up to 180 days, and citizens of a large number of countries may obtain a visa upon entry. Please check here to find out about your country’s visa requirements.


Good news everyone! Citizens of over 90 countries can enter Georgia without a visa and stay for up to a whole year. There’s a good chance you can, but please do check here to find out all about it.

Route planning

Taking a taxi in Georgia is super easy and relatively cheap. We recommend downloading the following apps to hail a taxi. They also work from the airport and you won’t have the stress of negotiating a price with the drivers. 

With the following links you’ll get a discount on your first ride!

Bolt Taxi
Yandex Go

There are several apps that can help you navigate in the cities and the countryside. Below are a few which we recommend based on our experience.

Maps.me – For offline maps, hikes, off-road, villages. Maps of the region can be downloaded in advance and you can do simple route planning. Not very suitable to plan a longer route, though it will sometimes suggest interesting ‘detours’. Don’t rely on this entirely, especially on its time estimates.

Yandex Navi – For navigating in the major cities, planning longer trips. Great for time estimates and finding more functional routes, but will lead you down strange tacks every now and then. iOSAndroid

Google Maps – When you’re not in the car, Google Maps is your best friend. It has the most listings of locations, business, and so on. It’s functional for route-planning and time indications are pretty accurate most of the time.

Yes you can! All our cars are 4×4 and are built to drive the sometimes difficult roads to these remote regions. Keep in mind a few things though:

  • Driving offroad can take a lot longer than Google Maps will tell you. You should not drive off-road in the dark.
  • Roads can be blocked by landslides, snow, rain or construction – be sure to inform upfront with us or locals if certain mountain passes are passable. 
  • Don’t think you can head straight from the airport to a remote area. You will need some time to get used to the car, do some grocery shopping, make stops along the way. 
  • If you don’t like steep drop-offs and muddy roads, it’s best to avoid certain areas. Good news is that a lot of nice places are perfectly reachable over asphalt and generally OK unpaved roads.

Georgia is a great country to make a road trip, and with these tips we will try to help you make the most of it! We’re always glad to answer any questions you may have about planning your trip, the regions to visit, etc. 

Some general points to take into consideration:

  • Don’t plan too much: you’re on a holiday and not in a race. Your trip will likely be full of surprises and unforeseen events. Whether that be a local that invites you to their home and offers just a little bit too much wine, a breakdown of the car or heavy weather circumstances. Make a global plan and don’t try to cram too much in the time you have – or you will only be driving and stressed to make it to your destination.
  • Be flexible with your route and plans: sometimes it’s nice to stay a day extra at a certain place, or divert your route in case of bad weather. 
  • If you find yourself with some time left at the end of the trip it is easy to find an extra destination to explore, all within a few hours from Tbilisi or Kutaisi.