UAZ Buhanka Campervan

UAZ Buhanka 4×4 – Dare to be different

UAZ Buhanka with roof top tent

This Soviet classic is still going strong after 60 years of production. One of the most robust and reliable off-road vehicles ever made, it has reached the far ends of the world crossing roughest of terrain.
A true workhorse, the Buhanka was designed to escort tanks to the frontlines. Due to its rugged build, it’s had so many varied uses over the years: ambulances, school buses, cargo transport, postal services and now, as a campervan. It’s built like a truck, can handle rough terrain, has heaps of room to move inside, and looks damn good too. What more do you want?

Although the appearance of UAZ Buhankas hasn’t changed much over time, they have had some modifications to meet today’s demands. All our vans are produced from 2018 onwards and are equipped with power steering and have Euro 5 compliant engines.

Don’t expect these vans to drive like your everyday sedan, though. While the older models are described to be like riding a bull, driving one of our new models can be like riding a horse; it can be a little bumpy, but it’s a lot of fun! You may not be able to go very fast, but who cares, you’re on holiday! Driving a Buhanka is an experience in itself and we are sure you will love it.

Our converted campervans sleep two adults comfortably inside the van on a full size double bed. For an extra fee, we can mount a rooftop tent that will sleep another two adults or children.

Did you know “Buhanka” means loaf of bread in Russian? The nickname for this cute van has replaced its official name (UAZ-452) in everyday language.

Features and specs

Seats: 44G WiFi hotspot
Sleeps: 2 or 4 adults (with tent)
Internal bed: 120×200 cm
Rooftop tent (option): 140×220 cm
Full kitchen:
30L compressor fridge,
double burner stove,
freshwater tank and washing up tub
Dual battery system
JBL portable bluetooth speaker
Low gears, differential lock
Cookware: pots & pans, bowls, plates, cutlery and utensils
2.7L petrol engineBedding: sheets, blankets and pillows
Power steering
Folding table and camp chairs
Roof rackLED lighting, USB and 230V outlets

Interior and accessories


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