Lada Niva 4×4 Camping Car

Lada Niva 4×4 Camping Car

Lada Niva with Roof top tent open

With over 530.000 exports and fan clubs all over the world, itโ€™s no small wonder that the Lada Niva is still in production today. Due to its lightweight yet durable build, this pocket-sized 4WD has reached more extreme places than most people do in their lifetimes – in 1988 it reached Mt Everest base camp, 1990 saw it become the first car to spend more than a decade in the Antarctic, and in 1998 it climbed to a height of 5726 metres above sea level in the Tibetan plateau in the Himalayas.

Since 2014 Lada has produced a new and improved version of the Niva called the 4×4 Urban, a modernised comfortable version of the Niva 4×4. These models are equipped with air conditioning, heated seats, electric windows and mirrors. Other than a few other cosmetic changes, the 4×4 Urban is the same classic Lada Niva, with the same time-tested design: a lightweight (just over a tonne!) unibody, full-time 4WD, a lockable central differential, independent gas-charged shock absorbers and high/low range gears.  

So you get it, these cars can go everywhere, but what makes them the coolest camping car in the Caucasus?

To give you maximum comfort while youโ€™re out exploring the wilderness in this nifty 4WD we provide all Niva rentals with a rooftop tent. For those not familiar with such things, these are the bee’s knees of camping products: they take less than a minute to set up, come with a 140x200cm memory foam mattress with all bedding included and take all the troubles of tent camping away by being mounted on the roof! In the rear of the Niva, youโ€™ll find chairs and a table, as well as a kitchen box set up to hold all your cooking needs for on the road: a portable stove with gas bottle, cooking equipment and a water container.

Fun fact – During the โ€˜80s and โ€˜90s Coca Cola imported its drinks into the Soviet Union and traded them for Lada Nivas, which were then shipped to the UK and sold there.

Features and specs

Seats: 24G WiFi hotspot
Sleeps: 2 adults (in tent)
Rooftop tent (included): 140x200 cm
Bluetooth speaker system
Low-gear, differential lock
camping stove,
freshwater tank and
washing up tub
1.7L petrol engine
Fuel usage: ~9-13L/100km
Manual 5-gearbox
Cookware: pots & pans, bowls, plates, cutlery and utensils
Power steeringBedding: sheets, blankets and pillows
AirconditioningCamp table and 2 chairs
USB charging outletsAll-risk insurance


3-6 days7-14 days15-20 days21+ days
โ‚ฌ65/day โ‚ฌ57/day โ‚ฌ53/day โ‚ฌ45/day

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