What navigation apps should I use?

There are several apps that can help you navigate in the cities and the countryside. Below are a few which we recommend based on our experience.

Maps.me / OSMand – For offline maps, hikes, off-road, villages. Maps of the region can be downloaded in advance and you can do simple route planning. Not very suitable to plan a longer route, though it will sometimes suggest interesting ‘detours’. Don’t rely on this app entirely, especially on its time estimates.

Yandex Navi – For navigating in the major cities, planning longer trips. Great for time estimates and finding more functional routes, but will lead you down strange tacks every now and then. iOSAndroid

Google Maps – When you’re not in the car, Google Maps is your best friend. It has the most listings of locations, business, and so on. It’s also functional for route-planning of longer trips and the time indications are pretty accurate usually.


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