Why we never give discounts

Every now and then we get questions from people asking for a discount on our services. The reasons for asking vary from early-bird to student discounts, Christmas/Easter/Mother’s Day to “I don’t have the budget”. Even COVID-19 seems to be a reason to ask for a lower price nowadays.

We understand that in a world where everything seems to be negotiable and you’ll often find that you paid too much for a service afterwards, this question comes up before you book. We get that you want to score the best deal! 

All of our customers should get the best deal

That is why we never offer any discounts. The prices listed out in the open on our website are exactly what every customer pays. If we advertise our products on other platforms, we will also advertise with the same prices. 

We believe our prices are fair and reflect the value you get for it. We pride ourselves in offering a very complete package of services. All high-quality camping gear is included in the price and we do not have any hidden charges. We never want to compromise the quality of that because we gave you or someone else a discount. 

We are a bootstrapped company, which means we are not backed by big investors, and can lower prices only because of that, to ultimately increase prices to a more sensible level.

Our prices get lower the longer you rent a car. This is because our costs go down as well, as we don’t have to clean the cars, handle handovers, etc. as much as with shorter rentals. It encourages you to stay a little longer and explore bigger parts of the region. 

No tricks and misleading

Everyone who booked a hotel room online knows how the big websites try to lure you into booking as fast as possible. “1533 people are watching this hotel room now!” “This is 95% the best price you will find today, book now!”

These tricks only exist to mislead you and to sell things for the highest price possible. They will charge you more if they know you have more to spend, and inflict fear and anxiety to miss out on deals. And let’s not get started on the fine print!

We hate those tricks and gimmicks as much as you do. Yet another reason to not give discounts, as this will unavoidably lead to unfair pricing. 

But I found the same service cheaper elsewhere?!

Good for you! Are you sure you are comparing apples to apples?
We never said we’re the cheapest. We do believe however that we offer a lot of value. 

But I really don’t have the budget!

There are dozens of options to explore this region on any budget imaginable. The beauty of this region is that you can travel here on a shoestring, or completely indulge in excessive luxury. Or anything in between.

If your budget is too low to rent one of our cars, we will happily help you to find an alternative and cheaper way of exploring this region!

Are there no exceptions?!

Yes there are. Every once in a while we make mistakes, something doesn’t work out the way we wanted. In such circumstances we do give discounts to compensate our guests for the trouble caused. The key is here is that we give those discounts only after the booking, and for valid reasons. 

Also, as a sign of appreciation we do give discounts to guests who keep coming back. If you are a loyal fan of our brand – we might give you a surprise discount to thank you for coming back. 

If you would give discounts, you’ll get more customers!

We know. But we’re not here to make the most money possible. We run this business because we like what we do, because of the great times our guests have. That’s not about quantities.