Can I charge my electronics?

Our Buhanka & Toyota Hilux campervans are equipped with a second battery which charges off the alternator as you drive. This means that you can enjoy the luxuries of a cold beer, milk in your coffee and even charge your electronics while out in the wilderness for up to 72hrs (depending on usage). Thanks to the solar panels you can even stay longer than that. Once you get back on the road, the battery will be charging and usable again.
We have fitted USB charging points and a 230V charging point for camera batteries, laptops, etc.

Our Lada Nivas are equipped with a 12V plug, with a dual USB charging port attached for charging simple devices such as phones, tablets, or anything which you have a 12V charging adaptor for. It is recommended to only charge your devices while driving due to the risk of running the battery flat.

Shash Wighton

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