Living that Van-life

My husband and I rented Overlando’s UAZ Buhanka in May 2022 for a week to visit the western and north-western part of Georgia. We drove from Kutaisi to Mestia, then back down to Bakuriani, while stopping by natural sulphur pools, the world-famous Martvili canyon and Prometheus cave, and beautiful overnight camping spots.

We absolutely enjoyed our drive/stay in the UAZ. Overlando has designed the UAZ keeping user experience first – we were so pleased by how the “furniture” could be moved and folded to suit our needs. The bed linen given along with the van were also so comfortable and helped keep the heat at bay. Even the kitchenette was well thought out, and adequately stocked with travel utensils and cutlery. We frequently stopped on our route to make ourselves a cup of tea.

Although we couldn’t use the tent much as it frequently rained, it was a simple mechanism and we were surprised by the amount of space inside the tent.

The Overlando helpline is also always available to sort out any issues during the journey and they also provide 5 GB of WIFI included with the vehicle, with more data available to purchase if needed.

Overall, it was an excellent experience with Overlando, and we hope to go back to explore more parts of Georgia, with our UAZ home.