It was a great trip!

together with my wife and 2 friends of mine, we rented 2 Buchanka at October 2021. I want to give a short feedback regarding our experience: First of all, we enjoyed our trip to Georgia with the Buchanka very much. Although Buchanka is not a common vehicle, thatยดs what we wanted to get to know. As Automotive engineers I think we were able to handle it! To provide Internet-Connectivity as standard equipment simplified travelling a lot – and it worked pretty well. I want to give just one proposal: Due to the fact, that 2nd fuel-tank should (could) not be used and dirt roads without fuel stations come upon many times, it would be calming to know a jerrycan inside the Buchanka (5 – 10 liters would be ok). Especially in Kaukasus, there is no buffer for unexpected situations (diversion, …). It was a great trip!

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