Awesome Buhanka Campervan rental in Georgia!

Awesome Buhanka Campervan rental in Georgia! We rented for 2 1/2 weeks and traveled throughout the mountains of Georgia, from Svaneti to Tusheti and many places in between. The van was extremely reliable, and it had excellent 4 wheel drive – a necessity for several of the places we visited. The only time we had to turn back was when our path was blocked by 1.5 meters of snow! The Campervans was also very well equipped – full kitchen kit and gas burners, large water jug (which we filled at the many natural springs along the roads of Georgia),and most importantly a fridge for all those excellent Georgian wines. The only downside was having to wait until we found a campsite every day to open a bottle! Joris and his team were also excellent – answering our questions both before and during our trip. 10 out of 10 would recommend for anyone looking to explore Georgia.

Photos by E Harris