UAZ Buhanka Campervan in Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani is a truly unique part of Georgia, with desert-like landscapes. Due to the remoteness of the area visiting the National Park requires some preparation, and you will have guaranteed adventure along the way.

In December 2020 Kim and Del Hogg visited Vashlovani in one of our UAZ Buhanka Campervans. They made an absolutely stunning video reportage about their trip, with great drone shots. It also shows camping life in the UAZ in a great way.

They also made a very comprehensive travel guide with a lot of (practical) information about the Vashlovani region and routes, which we recommend reading before you head off!

Vashlovani National Park is home to some of Georgiaโ€™s most unique and diverse landscapes. Here youโ€™ll find narrow canyons and jagged peaks, expansive savanna dotted with pistachio trees, bubbling mud volcanoes, barren plateaus, forested mountains, and a snaking river forming the border with Azerbaijan. This huge swathe of land, located in the very southeastern corner of Georgia, is spectacularly beautiful and full of surprises.

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